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Sweeny ISD has now begun a new “Walk of Honor” program designed to recognize individuals who have contributed to or laid the foundation for the legacy that is Sweeny I.S.D.

Please follow this link for more information and the nomination form. 



First School Corner Stone (Click picture for story) 

School Song

Fight, Fight for Sweeny High

Fight for the old Blue and White

Hail, hail to Sweeny High

Her friendship may it never die

Ever faithful ever true as we

Sing our song of you

Blue and White we're all for you

All hail to SWEENY HIGH

written by Harold Spencer

 The video is the first fifteen minutes of an excellent hour long school history video made by Sweeny High School in 2013. Special thanks to Kelly Bertsch and her AVC students. (Click Here for the complete video.)

The following History is based on our research. 

In 1911 Common School District #32 was formed out of district #17 

In 1912 Bernard River Land Development Company sells, for $1.00, Sweeny town site Block 21 to School District #32 trustees. 

In March of 1913 Sweeny Independent School System was formed by separating from the larger district #32. This original Sweeny Independent S chool District did not include The Old Ocean area or Hinkle’s Ferry area. It is not clear when Old Ocean area was included but Hinkle's Ferry area was included in 1950. (see Land History Slide Show for district maps) 

In April of 1913 seven trustees were elected to serve on SISD board. 

In Sept. 1913 a building to be attached to a current building, location not known, for use as school room along with two temporary teachers were approved by the school trustees. The Teachers, Miss Hester and Miss Rice were for intermediate and primary students. 

Building of a new two-story brick school was approved and began in 1913 and completed in 1914. This building burned January 28, 1926. A cornerstone engraved with the names of 1913 school trustees is the only known artifact remaining from this building. 

On September 17, 1926 a contract was signed to build a new school building. This building would later be known as the Berta Barclay Building.  

In 1939, a new High School was opened. It consisted of a main building including a gym (gym was later converted into an auditorium in late 1940’s) A shop building and a home economics building were soon added. This is the campus later known to many as the Junior High. 

Building of the present high school began in 1957 and expanded from time to time. Some 50 years later it was completely rebuilt and continues to grow today.

Sweeny colored school had early beginnings as well. 

In 1912 District 32 Trustees bought ½ acre of land near Old Ocean for a school from T J and Nellie Grovey. 

In 1918 SISD bought lots 4-10 block 34 in Sweeny. Although not confirmed, it is believed this is where George Washington Carver began. 

SISD buys the land in 1950 and builds the new George Washington Carver High School which was dedicated in 1952. 

In 1966 the two schools consolidated. 

Note: There is evidence, although some of it murky, that in the early years small schools were located thru out the area. Some of those locations were; Hinkle’s Ferry, El Bernardo, Poole, Mims, Magnolia, Jerusalem, Boone’s Settlement, Bethlehem, Linville, Chance’s Prairie.

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