Recently Discovered Pictures 09/2015

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A few recently discovered Sweeny Pictures.

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A few recently discovered Sweeny Pictures.


Building of a new two-story brick school was approved and began in 1913 and completed in 1914. This building burned January 28, 1926. A cornerstone engraved with the names of 1913 school trustees is the only known artifact remaining from this building.


Newly discovered better quality picture found by Charlene Finley.


Where the cornerstone appears to have been located.

Our team is working with the School District and others with
hopes of getting the cornerstone mounted for public display.

On September 17, 1926 a contract was signed to build a new school building. This building would later be known as the Berta Barclay Building.


Newly discovered picture found by Charlene Finley.




Bank Location  

This newly discovered picture found by Charlene Finley is dated 1927 and was given to Marna Robinson by Eva Augsberger Orr. It was identified as the first bank in Sweeny. It is known "The First State Bank of Sweeny" bought lot 12, block 52 in 1919. The partial building to the right of the bank would have been "Aunt Rosies Boarding House".

If  anyone can identify the man, please contact us.


Another of Charlene Finley's new found pictures. This one is undated with writing on back "May Watkins first depot" It is thought this is actually the second depot built around 1914 and the picture is Murray and Mae Watkins taken around the mid-1920's.


Several depot pictures have surfaced since we began the web-site. See next picture followed by the facts as we know them.


Picture “A” is the picture that is in 1911 Sales Brochure and wrongly described on BCHM website as “Sweeny Train Depot built in 1914, burned in 1961”.  Picture “B” Described on BCHM website as “Sweeny Train Depot built in 1914, burned in 1961”. Picture “C” Described on BCHM web site as “Train at the Sweeny, Texas depot in 1947”. Picture “D” Undated copy of picture found at Chamber of Commerce. 

Known Facts

1.Travis Smith sells R/R 13 acres in 1906 for a train station. (based on land records)

2. The first station was built and named Adamston around 1907. (based on road petitions for roads from Adamston train station)

3. 1908 SLB&M Railway map shows Adamston between Brazoria and Allenhurst. (See Hasima Story for map)

4. In the 1911 Sales Brochure there is a picture of depot with name Sweeny. (picture "A")

5. Per Joe Lingo the depot was added on to around 1929-1930 and underwent other remodels over time. 

6. In 1961 the Sweeny depot burns and was later rebuilt per Joe Lingo.

We think we know

  •  The name Adamston was re-named Sweeny in 1909 in conjunction with Smith obtaining approval for a post office and Will Sweeny being named post master.

Our best guess at this point is;

  • Picture “A” is Sweeny’s first depot built sometime after T L Smith sold the land to the R/R in 1906. Fate unknown. (See picture before Smiths Store was moved)
  • All other pictures, including Charlene’s recent find, are of the second depot built around 1914 taken at different times and different angles.

If you have more information or pictures of the depots please contact us.

Phillips Aerial Photo


This undated picture was provided by Bruce Luna. Based on process units in the picture as well as those not in the picture it would be dated between 1967 and mid-1970's.



Old Ocean Lodge # 1284

These pictures are from the Long family. Only people identified at this time are Bill Long Sr., J R "Pop" Bass and Ben Woodall.

Please contact us if you recognize others.