Hasima Wild Woman


URBAN LEGEND: A story about an unusual event or occurrence that many believe is true but that is not true.

The story of the wild woman of Hasima has been passed on for several generations of Sweeny residents. It seems that in 1926, rumors were flying of a naked, blond haired (figures) woman was inhabiting the woods along Linville Creek, about 4 miles west of Sweeny. Definite reports of sightings from "reliable" persons were being accepted without question (not unlike the internet today) and virtually the entire citizenship of Sweeny was reported to be out looking for her.

This story was picked up by the Houston Chronicle and then the Bay City Daily Tribune and Matagorda County Tribune. And so while the articles were probably long forgotten, the story lives on. Check out the social media and other memories at the end of the article.

TRUE STORY OR URBAN LEGEND??? Who knows but be on the lookout for an old naked woman as you drive down Hasema* Road. If she was say 20 in 1926, she will be 110 in 2016.


                        *Historically this was Hasima Road but appears as Hasema Road on maps & road signs. Reason unknown.

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The Hasima town site was laid out in 1905 when the Saint Louis, Brownsville & Mexico railroad was built in the area. The contractor who cleared the town site named it after his three sons:




The town never developed but a community grew up along the road which today is called Hasema (Hasima) road. More detail will be contained in a forthcoming article.


WHITE MONSTER ROAD (Remember the dust on oyster shell roads?)

Some remember the 2 mile stretch of Hasima road that parallels the R/R track being later called “White Monster Road". Others give this name to West Ashley Wilson Road. Dale Ryan Face Book 2012: "Do you remember when countyroad332 west of fm 524 (Main St.) was a shellroadand called"WhiteMonster"? It's now called West Ashley Wilson I believe. As I recall there were stories about a whiteapelike creature that lived down there."


THE WILD WOMAN STORY, Bay City Daily Tribune July 16, 1926

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Charlene Finley

The wild woman story was brought up occasionally by my same grandparents when people used to sit around and visit; all of her brothers and sisters had good memories of the things that had happened in Hasima since they were raised there. I did find a memory from Bertha Norman, my aunt, who said that a nude woman was seen in the Bear Camp woods (where people came from different places to hunt) in 1926. She says that there seemed to be someone who was making a narrow and small footprint. Some people spent 3 weeks looking for a person. Her uncle, Bob Richardson and her Grandpa Richardson had seen the footprints. A man came from Louisiana and camped out 2 weeks. His daughter was missing, so he hoped to find some clue. Aunt Bertha said that the Bay City Tribune had an article on the story.
My Grandma Sewell always thought a panther screaming made folks think that it might be a woman. She was never one to go off on a tangent and believe any stories that seemed a little wild.